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A gem from TEDx San Francisco

Dinesh Ayyappan1 Comment
My friend shared this TEDxSF talk on Facebook yesterday:
Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

It's only ten minutes long, and I highly recommend watching it in a reflective breath of your day.

The second half is narrated by a wise old man with an Austrian accent as he shares with the listener his views on living a grateful life. Rather than summarize, I want to latch on to one phrase that captured my attention.

The clichéd life advice we hear so often in inspirational posters, movies, and songs, is to live every day like it's your last. In this TEDx talk, we hear a fresh prefix to that.

Live every day like it's your first, and your last.

This is a motto for living a meaningful life that doesn't imply that you should ride motorcycles and go skydiving every day.

This means waking up grateful that you can see beautiful things and listen to music that moves you. Grateful for the food you can taste and the thirst you can quench. Grateful for the wonderful people in your life, and for the wonderful ones you're going to meet that day.

Like everything else, this is a worldview that develops one day at a time. This is the carpe diem I've been looking for as I lay out my plan for my coming months off-leash.