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Dinesh AyyappanComment
So, I'm a college graduate. In a way, it happened almost smoothly as I gradually phased out my campus presence and began defining my place in the outside world.

I'm traveling lots this month. In a span of four weeks, I'll be in Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, Boston, and Chicago. And for my time in Pittsburgh, I made this:

The idea is that for each instance of doing an activity (e.g. 60 minutes of Reading), I get to put one dot in that box. I'm trying to look at these as long-term investments. And rather than aimless goals like "read more" that I had last year, I want to hold myself a little more accountable. It's deeply satisfying to add a dot and disappointing not to.

I took that picture only a few days into it, and I'm showing a penchant for reading (I finished Ender's Game and The Old Man and the Sea) and news consumption, but I'd like to balance it out a bit more.

Hopefully by the end of the month, I'll have a better idea of some sort of routine for the spring. I'm starting one part-time job and interviewing for another as of now.

Next, Boston.