First Day


I got here yesterday around 5 pm and it was just as beautiful as I'd imagined. From the street, all you can see is a little mailbox and a gravel driveway, but that winds through the woods to the farmland and main houses.

I met the people who were here and got a grand tour of the place, and then we started making dinner. We had a salad, rice and stir-fried vegetables (organic and local!), and peanut butter cookies for dessert, and I got to meet the rest of the gang too. I went to bed pretty early, around 9 pm, and I was told that the roosters start crowing around 5 am. And that they did.

There's another WWOOFer here by the way. She's a year older than me and is a physics and political science major at MIT. She's been here for a week and she's gotten used to how things work around here. Everyone's really nice and they all have a bunch of stories.

So yeah, today, we had cereal for breakfast and started weeding around 9. We'll be spending most of this week clearing up so we can plant just about everything this weekend. It's like 80 degrees and sunny so we're taking the harsh hours off and we'll go back to work around 3. Fun stuff.

I'll add pictures as long as they have a story to tell, so here's a few!

The lake: This is a really pretty lake right behind the house with spring water in it. I haven't gone swimming yet but I will soon!
The dog: This is Angus, one of the two dogs here. He LOVES to play fetch, and I've seen this sight very often already, haha.
The garden: This is the main planting area for our vegetables. That's the area we're clearing out, and hopefully it'll look pretty different after this weekend!
The house: That's the main house. The electricity and water usage are ridiculously low, it's amazing.
The map: This is the overhead view from google maps. Just for some orientation I guess.