Spring Break Begins

Spring Break Begins

A few days ago, I started writing about how I prefer a salad bowl lifestyle to a melting pot one. That’s kind of a silly sentence without clarification. It’s not that I prefer salads to fondue. About food, I noted that I prefer variety in each bite, and in the meals throughout my day and week. I think the same also applies to how I like to balance my productivity and play time.

During the week, I work a lot and don’t sleep much. I’d rather pull one all-nighter and get 8 hours of sleep the next night than get 4 hours of sleep two nights in a row. It’s a funny sort of accounting. So my weeks are crunchtime and my weekends are relaxing. In theory.

If I lose my weekends (like doing 16 hours of wilderness first aid training), or just have too much to do in a week, that rhythm gets disturbed and makes life a little tougher. This is all to say, I had a few rough weeks in a row, and that’s why I didn’t write at all in February. It’s no excuse, but it’s always interesting to see the first things that someone cuts from their usual routine when they’re short on time. I think many of my friends at CMU cut reflection time, for better or for worse. I don't like that I did. 

I’m on a bus back home for Spring Break right now, as that beautiful cell phone picture shows. Almost nine full days at home. Stuff on the docket so far (in addition to spending time with friends and family):

  • Visit the site of the Battle of Gettysburg at sunrise
  • Try writing a “This, I Believe”
  • Talk to my awesome high school physics teacher
  • Catch up on my Electricity & Magnetism and Ethical Theory classes
  • Read Crime & Punishment
  • Make a Charlie Chaplin movie outline for the rest of the semester
  • Visit the American Museum of Natural History

Updates and pictures to come!