There's so much room for activities!

There's so much room for activities!

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Boston has been much more fun after the heat wave. Last weekend, half of the Cohort got together for a picnic. I made watermelon lemonade. It was kind of popular and I felt really lame whenever someone asked, "Wow! How'd you make this?!" and I had nothing more interesting to say than "with a watermelon and some lemonade." For the record, I used roughly a 1:2 ratio - more than that and the lemony sour dominates. I also brought some once-frozen champagne grapes that were mostly devoured by a charming, sticky-faced 4-year-old. 

During the week, I watched Pacific Rim with a friend from high school! We watched it in IMAX 3D, and the best way I can explain it is that with the sound quality and immersion that comes with the IMAX 3D format, it's really more like an event -  a ride  - than a movie. The massive, groaning metal monsters fighting the larger-than-life oceanic titans redefined my sense of the word "epic". Even after I'd left the movie theater and was waiting for the T to go home, my heart was still racing and I was only then wringing out the tension I had weaved over the better part of two hours. 

On Friday, we had a happy hour thing that again attracted a small herd of wannabe teachers. And yesterday, I watched Jake Shimabukuro play a free concert! He's a beast on the ukulele, and here's the song that made him famous:

I spent the afternoon at a cafe that gave me an entire porcelain set for just a cup of coffee, and then I made it to Shakespeare on the Common's  The Two Gentlemen of Verona , the first of the Bard's comedies I've ever seen. It was goofy and perverse, and it featured a collection of Sinatra songs and a dog. Good stuff.

Today, I had dim sum in Chinatown and walked along the Greenway, which was host to an Interactive Art Festival! There are no age restrictions on fun :). 

There was one exhibit with a bunch of notes written on scraps of different-colored fabric anchored to clotheslines blowing in the wind.